Only the sea can soothe this soul


Beach vs mountains.

The mountain.  I respect it. A heaving, dense  beast ready to climb and snowboard down.

Nothing feels as exhilarating as boarding down it, taming it and feeling so free. But if you don’t pay attention, it can engulf you in its wilderness.


The beach. Feel the worries release as soon as your eyes fall on it. ‘The wind blows the cobwebs away’, my mum used to say.  A swim in the sea is like a thousand d and m’s. It’s back to survival mode: stay afloat and keep breathing. Tread water. Keep cool.

Whenever life feels like it’s getting in the way, or I feel like I’m not living the way I want, the beach gives me all the answers.  Close second is the mountain.  Keep it simple.  Pay attention. Feel the beast.

What’s your go-to place to get back to basics, the mountain or the beach?


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