About Antonella

Thanks for stopping by! I’m Antonella – a writer, digital marketer, foodie and occasional singer/hip hop lady hailing from Melbourne.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with the the collision of food and culture. Using food and music as a way to communicate and remove barriers.  They let us connect with people and understand people’s story and history.

The aim of Delicious Rhythm is to tell stories through music and food.  Everything spanning recipes, memories, interviews and reviews.  I want to investigate how food and music have changed lives; because I know they’ve changed mine.

Every now and then I like to challenge myself to test my music-food matching skills like some sort of riddim sommelier, looking for obscure treats. (What do you match with Afghani food?  It’s a great conversation starter).

Growing up Italian, (what are we eating? when? how are you going to cook it?) food dominated the first and last conversations of the day.  In my family of musicians and big eaters there were two certainties in life: music blasting all the time and a big plate of pasta on the table.

Image of Antonella, sitting down holding a Corona

My love of music runs awfully deep. As my bossier, more ballsy alter ego A-Love,  I’ve spent years studying and collecting music.  Year after year I’ve amassed more music: soul, funk, bossa, jazz, folk…anything to understand where the hip hop breaks, samples and stabs came from.

I love people’s stories and want to hear about how music and food have changed your life.

So let’s connect!  Get at me at deliciousrhythm@gmail.com.


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