New beginnings & wu inspired smoothies

Well well well. Look what the cat dragged in.

I could go on and make excuses a-plenty about why I haven’t blogged in, oh, around a year and a half. But realistically, I got pregnant, got lazy, lost confidence, got hormonal, had the baby, and I’m now coming out of the newborn fog full of sleepless nights and vomit stained ‘errythang.

The thirst is back to capture these crazy times in 1’s and 0’s; to digitise the recipes and songs that are nourishing me and keeping me going. No more time for self doubt and the can’t be bothered’s.

And with this gorgeous little boy I see a whole bunch of things I took for granted with fresh ears and eyes; watching his eyes light up at the first taste of pear or pumpkin. Dancing around the room to Sugarhill Gang and Pharrell just to make the little guy laugh.

So without further ado here’s my favourite tunes and recipes of late. See you soon.

Smoothie: Butter Pecan Honey Dip

I know…not another bloody smoothie!  Here’s a quick-arse smoothie inspired by the Wu. Cause ain’t nobody got time for breakfast with a 4 month old.

Serves 2


4 pitted dates
1 frozen banana
5 pecans
1 tsp agave syrup,
1 tbsp smooth cashew or almond butter
250ml milk (your choice of cow, soy, almond or rice milk)
6 cubes of ice


Using a hardcore blender (ie. Thermomix, Ninja, Vitamix), add everything except the ice and blend on highest setting for 30 secs. Add ice and pulse for a further 15 seconds.

Drink that shit, and just hope the baby hasn’t woken up!


An eclectic little mix full of summer vibes:

1. Kaytranada/Jill Scott – Golden
2. 20syl- Kodama
3. MGMT – Electric Feel
4. Childish Gambino – Sober
5. Q-Tip feat Norah Jones – Life is better
6. Jhene Aiko – Higher
7. Banks – Are you that somebody (Aaliyah cover, acoustic)


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